“Yogaleicht” deals with a vibrant yoga practice in and around Dresden. It is influenced by the store of traditional yoga knowledge and by my personal experiences with yoga and in life.

My intention is to convey an authentic, easy yoga that is full of joy. Exploring new ways means trying new things, having the courage to change, and, if necessary, going beyond our own boundaries. Children show us the way as they try new things without thinking about it too much, and consequently they learn from it.

Try „Yogaleicht“! At the end, you will see that it was in fact “easy yoga”.

With “Yogaleicht” I don’t want to create a new yoga style. It is my wish with the help of yoga and “Yogaleicht” to show interested people as well as to loyal yoga students the ease of yoga so that everyone can benefit from it. This applies to all the yoga styles I teach here in and around Dresden.